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What photo file format do I use?

Photos uploaded to TraderOnline must be in .jpg (JPEG) or .gif file format. If your photo is in another format (.pdf, .bmp, etc.) you must convert your photo before you will be able to upload it.

To save photos in a different format, you must convert the image. Simply renaming the file and changing the extension on the file name will not work.

  1. Open your photos in any available photo editing software (Windows Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Picasa, other software included with your digital camera, etc.)
  2. Locate and choose the "Save As" function in the software.
  3. Choose the .jpg file format as the file type during the "Save As" process.

If you do not have photo editing software, there are online options that let you edit your photos in your internet browser. You can find these by searching for "online photo editor" with your favorite internet search engine.

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